Best Call Blocker Apps for Android Smartphone

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android Smartphone

It’s common these days. At least once in a day, we used to get unwanted calls which we don’t want to answer which may be from the companies or your ex-girlfriend, whatever. šŸ˜› If you want to avoid those unwanted calls, you need to install call blocker app on your Android smartphone. There’re several apps available to block calls, but we have decided to list the top call blocker apps.

Calls Blacklist ā€“ Call Blocker


Call Blacklist is one of the best call blocker apps because it provides a broad range of features and much more.Ā This app lets you block unwanted callers by providing their phone number.Ā This app also blocks spam and unwanted SMS from the blacklist.

In this app, I love a feature where you can whitelist your important person number thus it won’t block them ever, Sound’s cool, right?. Suppose let’s assume you are in a business meeting with your clients, and your boss doesn’t want any disturbanceĀ in between the session, in this situation, you can set a time frame in the app. During that time frame, it will block all the calls and SMS.

Truecaller ā€“ Caller Block & ID


Truecaller program in India needs no introduction. Almost in every smartphone in India, you can find this app. This app even offers an inbuilt call blocking when empowered feature which will block all Junk calls. It categorizes the caller as junk if lots of folks have reported that amount as junk. Additionally, it is possible to block numbers by selecting to block a particular contact or number and going into the program.

Call-Blocker-Free Blacklist


Blacklist is a whitelist for callers which you need calls from and in the program it is possible to place the blocking style based on your setting, but also an exciting program that not only enables you to define a blacklist. It lets you determine which method you want your calls. Also, it allows you to locate the One-Ring Telephone Scams and block those calls.

Avast –Ā Mobile Security & Antivirus


Avast Mobile Security is among the best-known security programs for the Android smartphone. This app not only shields your phone from junk and virus but also enables you to block text messages and calls from particular callers that you would not want to answer. This app not only allows you to block calls but also used to lock your apps with a passcode, only you will be able to access them. You should check out this program.

I’d say the best among all is Truecaller and Avast. Those both apps just works perfectly.

Final Verdict

We hope you’ve chosen the call blocker which you liked. You can also try other call blockers and compare the features of it. If you know any good call blockers and you want to add them to the above list, kindly let us know in the comment section. If you’re friends or family members need to block calls do share this article with them, so that they can also know about this article.

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