HostGator Review

HostGator Hosting Review – Is it worth the price?

HostGator is among the top worldwide suppliers of hosting services. It’s one of biggest web hosting providers now and continues to be rated by many customers. HostGator is being provided hosting for thousands of sites for more than 10 years. So, We decided to try HostGator and give our review about their web hosting. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best time to shop online because of the offers and discounts. HostGator Black Friday Discounts can save you up to 80%, so don’t miss the chance.

HostGator Review

Is HostGator That Great As It Looks?

There’s surely no doubt, that HostGator offers a lot of unique features for there customers such as.

  • Highly Affordable Prices
  • Customer Support
  • Easy to use interface
  • 99% uptime
  • cPanel Provided
  • 45 Days money back guarantee

What Make The Different HostGator Hosting Strategies Must Offer?

HostGator Shared Hosting

There are three different hosting packages to select from as it is possible to see in the image. It’s possible for you to pick what suits you according to need and the scale of site or your site.

The mostly used plan are listed below.

  • Hatchling Plan
  • Baby Plan
  • Business Plan

The remarkable part is that upgrading to another plan is entirely free. What this means is that there’ll not be any surprise hidden charges when you up the scales of the server of your web site.

You always have the option to focus on the fundamental strategy after which see when you demand and need an upgrade. This supplies all the info you need ahead of you. Then you’re able to allocate your budget so. This saves a fortune when it comes to hosting experiments that are unsuccessful!

More attributes and characteristics, characteristics …. You’ve got the website builder that’s a part of purchase. You’ll have shopping carts for e-commerce. There are one click installs of programs that are cool.

Eco-friendly Hosting

It’s certified as a hosting company that was eco-friendly. Wind energy powers mainly the operations at the offices. That’s trendy and I believe should be considered.
Exceptionally Affordable

The business plans with tons of attributes come for you at cost of $12.95 a month. I’ve to say that’s affordable! The characteristics which HostGator supplies with its strategies make the whole bundle a pocket-friendly suggestion.

As said before there’s no upgraded price with HostGator. This can be great news for beginners as it enables them to do their thing and worry about growth after. There is also other strategies like VPS and reseller hosting which come in handy when your scale of operations are raising.


Uptime, When it comes to hosting nobody wants there website to be down as they could lose potential customers and users. So, Hosting companies give top priority to uptime.

HostGator never had any recent outages. It’s been 2 years since they had an EIG outage. However, if you host a large website on low-cost plans you might face downtime.

Customer Support


Customer Support is much needed for every hosting providers out there. HostGator is having a huge team to handle all the customer request and questions. They can solve your queries through mail, phone and even live chat. HostGator is known for its award-winning customer support.

Once I messed up something in .htaaccess and suddenly by website was black out. Immediately i started a live chat with HostGator. To my surprise, they solved it within few minutes. I’m completely impressed with their customer support.

So, Is it worth the price?

HostGator undoubtedly gives endless hosting abilities to fulfill your online requirements. I highly recommend you to try HostGator, you will surely love it. Even if you don’t like there service, ou can request a refund. As we said earlier, HostGator is running Black Friday offers, you can save upto 80% so don’t miss that huge opportunity.

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