Pros and Cons of Rooting Your Android Phone

Pros and Cons of Rooting Your Android Phone

Rooting. Most of you know about it, and you guys are ready to explore the real beast on your Android device. Well, I know most of you guys are ready to root but still have some doubts regarding it. We’re here to help you with all your questions regarding rooting process.

With root access, you can explore a lot more new and exciting things that your Android phone can do.

Quora has a complete answer if you’re thinking “Why Should i Root?“. Excited? You should be 😉

Just like you, there’re lots of people who’re ready to root their Android smartphone, but at the same time, they’re afraid of bricking their device and revoking the warranty. It’s safe if you follow the procedures properly.

Pros and Cons of Rooting Your Android Phone

Before knowing the pros and cons of rooting. Let’s discuss what it is all about!

What’s Rooting?

Rooting is a procedure for unlocking your Android mobile which allows you to overcome the limits that the manufacturing companies of your mobile has enforced upon it.

Rooting greatly expands the functionality and enables you more control over your device, even giving you the choice of using a customized version of Android.

Unfortunately, Your mobile’s guarantee is voided by rooting. Thus, be ready to break the warranty if you’re going to root. After rooting you’re device, if you face any issues on your mobile manufacturing company will not be responsible since you’ve already voided the warranty.

Rooting is changing your mobile’s operating systems to get complete control, to put it simply. On the other hand, a modified operating system is being just installed by flashing a custom ROMs to your own mobile.

Warning: It’s Interesting, although rooting Can Be Dangerous for Your Android Mobile!

 Rooting your android phone

Pro’s of rooting your Android device

I don’t mind breaking my warranty because I know what I’m doing and its safe if you do it correctly without messing up the things. Let’s see the pros of rooting your device.

  • Rooting enables you to back your mobile’s system up so you could try custom ROMs out and revert to your old operating system.
  • You can try lots of kernels by removing your stock kernel and flashing the best kernel for your device. An optimized kernel enables the device to perform fast and efficient; it also improves the battery performance. You can go through XDA Forum to find the best kernel for your device.
  • Extreme Customization to unleash your real beast on your smartphone 😀
  • Speed/Battery Life Boosts for sure.
  • Rooting lets you overclock your mobile’s kernel, making it performs quicker than it was meant to play by the manufacturer.
  • Rooting allows you to completely personalize and customize your mobile’s interface.

Con’s of Rooting your Android Device

We’ve seen the pro’s of rooting your device. Although it has some cons too. Let’s see the top disadvantages.

  • Rooting might invalidate your mobile’s guarantee.
  • Rooting leaves your mobile unqualified to receive OS upgrades through OTA, which means you won’t receive any official updates from the manufacturer. However, you can flash the OTA update manually.
  • Voids your phone’s warranty
  • Risk of “bricking” your phone
  • Overclock CPU too much and hurt your battery and processor
  • Might result in malfunctions of your Android device

I guess now you’re clear about the rooting process and its pro’s and con’s. Well, We’ve listed only the top pro’s & cons, not fully. If you’re ready to take the risk and you’re confident about rooting your device in a safe manner, then go ahead. But if you’re worried about breaking your warranty, don’t root your device. If you’ve any questions let us know in comment section.

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